Weekend Getaway at Our Native Village with VOSD Pet Cabs

our native village with vosd

If you are tired of the routine of your daily life, stuck between the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, VOSD on Wheels brings you the perfect solution. Spend the weekend at the Eco Resort, Our Native Village, situated in Hesarghatta Village, about 90 minutes from MG Road. We offer you a means to reconnect with nature and spend a weekend away from the city, amidst the company of your loved ones and your doggie too! 

The Resort replicates the feeling of a village, free from the honking cars and bright lights of city life, and the best part is that it is pet friendly too! So you and your dog can enjoy all the fun activities together. All you have to do is hop on into the VOSD Pet Cab that will pick you up from your doorstep and then off you go!

Location- Hesaraghatta Village, 90 Minutes from MG Road, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560088

For reservations, contact: 

  • Email- reservations@niraamaya.com
  • Dial-  +91 63 6412 3461 or +91 80 4510 4548  

Read more about Our Native Village’s Pet Policy

Day 1- Saturday 

dog friendly actvities with vosd on wheels
Enjoy a weekend with your dog at Our Native Village


Arrive in time for breakfast and start your day with a hearty breakfast at Our Native Village, soaking in the serene atmosphere and preparing for a day filled with rustic experiences. Fuel up with farm-fresh delights and energizing beverages before embarking on your village adventure.

Late Morning to Afternoon:

Head out to explore the native village setting and immerse yourself in the rich cultural experiences it offers. Fly a kite against the backdrop of endless grasslands and farms, feeling the exhilarating rush as it soars through the clear blue sky. Engage in traditional village games like gilli danda, lagori, and spinning a top, feeling the nostalgia of simpler times as you bond with your companions over these age-old pastimes. 


Return to the resort for a sumptuous and healthy meal, prepared with locally sourced ingredients and bursting with authentic flavors. Recharge your energy levels with a delicious spread that reflects the essence of the village lifestyle.

Afternoon to Evening:

After lunch, venture into the Hero Stone Garden (Veerakallu), where ancient stories and legends come to life through intricate stone carvings.. Take leisurely walks around the resort with your pooch, relishing the pure air, melodious birdsong, and panoramic views that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. Head back into your room for an afternoon snooze! Make sure to stay hydrated to beat the summer heat. 


As the evening sets in, gather around for a delightful dinner under the starlit sky. Indulge in a feast of traditional delicacies, lovingly prepared by the resort’s chefs, and savor the flavors of the region as you bond with your loved ones or colleagues.

Day 2- Sunday

our native village with vosd on wheels


Wake up to the refreshing embrace of nature and treat yourself to a wholesome breakfast, setting the tone for another day of exploration and relaxation. Breathe in the crisp morning air and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings before diving into the day’s activities.

Late Morning to Afternoon:

Embark on a journey of discovery as you delve deeper into the native village experience. Participate in workshops and demonstrations where you can learn long-forgotten arts and crafts, gaining insights into traditional techniques passed down through generations. Alternatively, simply unwind and enjoy the quiet stillness of the resort, allowing yourself to be rejuvenated by the peaceful ambiance.


Reconvene for lunch at the resort’s dining area, where you can enjoy another delicious and nourishing meal prepared with love and care. Relish the opportunity to savor local specialties and regional favorites, appreciating the authenticity of each dish.

Afternoon to Evening:

As the afternoon unfolds, continue your exploration of Our Native Village and its surroundings. Take leisurely strolls through the lush greenery, pausing to admire the natural beauty and spot indigenous flora and fauna. Reflect on your experiences and cherish the moments of tranquility shared with your companions.


As the day draws to a close, bid farewell to Our Native Village with a sense of gratitude and contentment. Leave rejuvenated, reconnected, and inspired by the simplicity and beauty of life in the native village setting. Head back into the VOSD Pet Cab as we take you back to your home. 

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