VOSD Rescue Ambulance

If you’ve ever grappled with the challenge of transporting a distressed community dog to the veterinarian, you understand the strain and anxiety involved. Every second matters when it comes to saving a life. That’s why we provide a unique solution: VOSD’s Rescue Ambulance, dedicated solely to the welfare of our beloved community dogs, brings a reliable means of swift transport for convenience and comfort of the dog.

VOSD Rescue Ambulances are your trusted partner in animal transportation across Bengaluru for our community dogs. The Rescue Ambulances are equipped to handle every situation with care and compassion.  

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With every trip we provide,

  • State of the art sterilisation and sanitisation measures to avoid any cross contamination. 
  • Dedicated staff who provide compassionate and professional service.
  • Expert drives trained to skilfully navigate Bengaluru’s roads. 
  • Top quality facilities to provide the best diagnostic solutions and treatments

To book a VOSD Rescue Ambulance, simply dial +91 9279792626.

Call Now! 92 7979 2626
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