We offer various cab options including sedan, hatchback, SUV, and luxury cars.

You can easily book a cab through our website, mobile app, or by calling our customer service hotline.

You can cancel your booking through our website or mobile app. Simply navigate to your booking details and follow the cancellation prompts.

Yes, we accept payments via UPI and digital wallets upon reaching the destination.

Yes, you can book a cab without paying in advance. Payment can be made at the end of your trip.

Advance payment ensures your booking is confirmed and helps us manage our fleet efficiently.

Yes, our taxi services are available 24×7 in Bangalore.

You will receive a confirmation message via SMS or email upon successful booking.

Yes, for security purposes, we require passengers to provide valid ID proof before boarding the cab.

Our taxis can accommodate a certain number of passengers and pets depending on the vehicle type. Please specify your requirements while booking.

You will receive driver and cab details along with your booking confirmation.

Yes, our cabs are equipped with Fast Tag to facilitate smooth passage through toll booths.

Yes, we have a mobile app that supports messaging between customers and drivers for seamless communication.

Yes, our drivers use GPS navigation systems to ensure accurate route tracking.

Our drivers understand unforeseen delays happen. They will wait for a reasonable time, but additional waiting charges may apply.

Yes, we provide air-conditioned cars for your comfort.

We primarily offer air-conditioned cars, but non-A/C options may be available upon request.

Yes, we offer multiple pick-up and drop-off options. Please specify your requirements while booking.

We provide services in multiple cities across the region. Please check our website or app for the full list of locations.

Booking in advance ensures availability, allows you to plan your trip better, and may offer discounted rates.

We provide a range of car categories including economy, standard, premium, and luxury.

You can make a reservation as early as possible to secure your preferred time slot and vehicle type.

Yes, our drivers can accommodate reasonable detour requests during the trip.

Parking and entry charges are typically included in the fare, but there may be exceptions for specific locations.

Yes, we offer premium car options including Mercedes Sedan. Please specify your preference while booking.

Yes, we can arrange for an English-speaking driver upon request.

Yes, we can arrange for a Kannada-speaking driver upon request.

Yes, we can arrange for a Hindi-speaking driver upon request.

Toll tax is typically included in the total fare, but please confirm with your driver.

Yes, we offer SUVs for your travel needs. Please specify your preference while booking.

Booking through our website or mobile app often offers the best prices and exclusive deals.

Yes, waiting charges may apply after a certain grace period. Please refer to our pricing policy for more details.

Pets are allowed in specific vehicles. Please inform us about your pet when booking to ensure accommodation.

We strive for transparency in our pricing. Any additional charges will be communicated upfront.

We can provide suitable vehicles to accommodate your big dogs comfortably.

We can provide an estimated fare based on the trip details provided.

While we try our best to accommodate preferences, we cannot guarantee a specific car model due to availability.

Yes, sightseeing can be arranged as per your preferences during your one-way trip.

We will do our best to accommodate your last-minute trip request, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

We offer pet transport services. Please contact us for more information and assistance.

Yes, our drivers and handlers undergo training to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet during travel.

Aggressive dogs may pose a risk to our drivers and other passengers. Please inform us about your pet’s behavior beforehand.

For safety reasons, we recommend keeping your dog leashed during travel.

Yes, we recommend passengers to carry their own food and water bowls for their pets when traveling with VOSD cabs. This ensures that your pet’s dietary needs are met during the journey and helps keep them comfortable throughout the trip.


VOSD cabs may prioritize round-trip bookings to streamline operations and ensure efficient utilization of resources. This approach allows us to better manage scheduling and maintain service reliability for our customers.

No, VOSD cabs typically include the driver’s food and accommodation costs in the overall fare. Customers are not required to arrange for these amenities separately.


VOSD cabs offer pricing options both on a package basis and a per kilometer basis, depending on the customer’s preference and the nature of the trip. Package rates may be more suitable for longer journeys or round-trip bookings, while per kilometer rates offer flexibility for shorter trips.

Pricing may vary due to factors such as vehicle quality, additional services offered, and operational standards. VOSD cabs prioritize safety, comfort, and reliability, which may reflect in the pricing compared to other companies.


Prices may fluctuate based on factors such as demand, fuel costs, route availability, and other market conditions. Dynamic pricing models are commonly used in the transportation industry to ensure fair pricing and optimize resource allocation.


If you’re unable to see your exact pickup address on our app or website, please provide the closest landmark or intersection along with your address details. You can also contact our customer support for assistance in locating your pickup point.

To add special requests such as a female driver or an English-speaking driver, you can mention these preferences while making your booking through our app, website, or by contacting our customer support team directly.

You can add your exact pickup and drop addresses while making your booking through our app or website. Simply enter the complete address in the respective fields provided during the booking process.

VOSD Cabs prioritizes the safety and well-being of our passengers and drivers. We have implemented stringent cleaning protocols for our vehicles, provide hand sanitizers for passengers, and require masks to be worn by both passengers and drivers during the journey. Additionally, our drivers undergo regular health checks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Yes, you can request your taxi to wait at a specific location such as an airport or street intersection. Please specify this requirement while making your booking, and our driver will accommodate your request accordingly.

You will receive the driver’s details, including name, contact number, and vehicle details, via SMS or through our app, prior to your scheduled pickup time.

To edit your existing booking, you can log in to your account on our app or website and access your booking details. From there, you may be able to make certain modifications such as changing the pickup or drop location, subject to availability.

Upon successful booking, you will receive a confirmation message via SMS or email, confirming the details of your booking including pickup time, location, and fare.

Yes, you can make a booking for a round-trip with VOSD Cabs. Simply specify your round-trip requirement while making your booking, and our team will assist you accordingly.

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